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I cured my pompholyx, a disfiguring, itchy and painful skin condition affecting the hands and feet. I HATE having even slightly damp under-arms, but here is something that works: apply a light layer of stick deodorant, then a layer of powder deodorant with a good powder puff. I now use a coconut milk and egg-white based shampoo/conditioner with no chemicals or anything unnatural added in and it works great.

You could also just use lavender by itself in the deodorant if you want to keep it simple. Free and clear detergents: If you find that simply switching your deodorant isn't fully solving your problem, then you should go a step farther and begin replacing your usual detergents with the more gentle and fragrance-free options out there. This study looked for the first time at deodorant usage in relation to ABCC11 genotype and also in comparison with other factors such as age, background and general household hygiene.

I've been hearing so much about coconut oil lately - this is one more reason I need to track down some! I use 76 degree to make soap, the 92 degree for lotion bars and the fractionated for bath oil or massage oil. Update #2: If your new deodorant is making you itchy, read this helpful article about pH balancing.

I've been using this type of home made deodorant for about three years. At the start I developed itchy red bumps under my armpits, though didn't get the peeling you've described. After much experimenting I found that modifying the dry ingredients to 1 part baking soda to 3 parts arrowroot/cornstarch fixed the problem.

The first time I made my own homemade deodorant I'm pretty sure I laughed then, too. The Shea butter is cheap on If you take your time you can get several pounds of it for about $7. I made a batch and let friends try it. I think I will soon have lots of people converted to DIY deodorant. I made the recipe that is up above however i don't really like the scent, I was wondering if anybody knew how I could make the deodorant a smell better but still have a manly scent. I've never tried it with just Shea butter, so I don't know how it would turn out. This deodorant can last up to 48 hours and is perfect for people who need some extra protection. Not only do I not have razor rash from shaving (I'm assuming from the shea butter) but I don't smell anymore, and the sweating hasn't been as bad.

I really liked this recipe except ……. Now that its summer and hot here in Michigan the deodorant is literally dripping from the container when I go to put it on (liquid!). There are many variations of the ratios of arrowroot or cornstarch or clay — and each individual body is unique — so it may take playing around a bit to find your ideal combination. Since my first natural deodorant purchase, I've learned how to make many (not all, but many) homemade products. I'm dying to give it a try but I had a question- the recipe calls for 1/2 C + 1 tsp beeswax. I like to address this up front to displace the common assumption that homemade products are made simply for the savings… savings is just one handsome benefit. It may not seem that way right now, but if you switch to light and airy spray, you will think stick deodorant is downright archaic and dense. I've found this recipe to be very successful but I do sometimes get irriation from the baking soda.

Yea what a ding dong I am…I put in the molds and didn't add the beeswax, not sure where my brain was that day..anyways I remelted and put beeswax in. Not firm for a bar but firm enough that isn't runny and can apply with my finger. Share your thoughts and your personal deodorant reviews with us in the comments below.